Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Me in PanniHey, So it's always great to hear that you're doing well. Things are going well here as well.It's very hot. It's a little humid. Basically I only eat sandwiches for lunch now because it's too hot to use the oven or the stove. I'm getting pretty good at making tuna fish sandwiches.

Our work here is going great. Yesterday we had a lesson with a new investigator about the restoration and she was very interested to read the Book of Mormon and pray after hearing me and my companions experiences with reading the Book of Mormon. Her husband is the type that thinks everyone is just good as long as they do good things, so we'll have to help him understand the importance of following Jesus Christ and being baptized just like he was. It's really great because we're teaching quite a few families right now. The only problem is that they're a lot harder to teach than individuals. We have one family where the husband was almost baptized five years ago, but the wife has a problem; we have another family that the wife loves the church, but the husband isn't willing to read the Book of Mormon; then we have that other family where the wife is really interested, but the husband thinks everyone's good. Not to mention these people's kids who are very hard to keep focused. haha. But it's really cool that we're having so much success.

This week we have lots of appointments with members. We haven't been meeting with them very much, and so this Sunday right after church I decided to talk to as many members as I could and try to set up appointments. I was able to get five appointments for this week!! It was totally awesome.
I guess it just goes with the principle of being proactive.

This week flew by so I don't have a ton to say. sorry.

One cool thing is that we made a new bar. haha. We already had one bar made out of water bottles, and then we have been collecting bottles so we could make a heavier one. It's made for some great workouts in the morning. Here we are working out in the shirts Sister Wilkey sent us.

Working Out
We've been having tons of meal appointments (pretty scary). I found out that I can actually eat more than my companion. At the last two I've managed to eat a lot more than him. We were at an investigators house two days ago and the lady was pretty concerned. She asked me if my companion always eats that little. haha. The really funny thing is that to me he had eaten a lot! But I just kept going because if you don't eat a lot then they think you don't like their food.
I guess that's about it. Nothing too exciting this last week.

Anziano Banks

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