Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Week in a Great City!

So this week was pretty exciting.
After having dropped a fair number of investigators that just aren't ready for the gospel we've started doing a lot of proselyting. It's actually been really refreshing. One day we were deciding where to go and we saw that there was a park circled on the map, so we decided to walk up to it. The park was a joke. A couple of benches. But while we were up there we did some house, and we also had a nice view.
The highlight of the week though, would have to be Saturday night. We basically did a huge loop around the entire city for about 3 hours, and we were able to get some awesome contacts and teach a lot of people about the gospel. We even got a referral from some guy! So at the end of the night we decided to reward ourselves by buying a pizza from my favorite pizza place that makes an awesome pizza. The best one is with peperoni, ham, and peppers. Anyway, so we were running to the pizza place to grab our pizzas quickly before coming home and I sprained my ankle!! But we still got the pizzas and they were delicious. The next day I went to church with a cane. haha. And then on monday I decided it was worth spending 10 euro on an ankle wrap.


On Sunday I couldn't really get around very well, so we did a lot of stamping pass-a-long cards, and a lot of Area Book work. There are a ton of old Book of Mormon cards that we're going to have members help us give out. That should go really well. I also went back to Castrovillari on splits this week. It was okay, but I prefer Cosenza. I took a picture of the chapel there. It's crazy small.

Tiny Chapel

Other news...
We were talking to this guy about the same age as us and he was laughing as we were talking to him, and then he said, "Guys, I'm laughing because I'm evangelist too!" hahaha. He didn't want to talk anymore when he found out we were LDS. Or here "SUG" (Santi degli Ultimi Giorni")
Actually, I just remembered the real highlight of the week. Last night. Okay, so yesterday evening we taught Annalaura and Giuseppe about tithing which they totally accepted and we found out that Giuseppe already pays money to a charity every month and it all just makes sense to them how they'll be blessed. Anyway, they're really putting thought into the truthfulness of the Gospel and we said, okay, tonight, at 10:30pm let's all of us in this room kneel down and pray that you will know that the Book of Mormon is true. Then last night Giuseppe called us at about 10:25 and was like, are you going to pray now, and of course we were, and it was just really awesome. They're already preparing for baptism, I just hope that they are ready to do it soon. I can't remember what I told you about them before, but basically they're from English Course, they started coming to church about my second week here before they had even been taught any lessons, and lately they've just been making great progression. I love seeing the gospel work in people's lives. : )

Last week all our members were gone to the Switzerland temple. It's about a 20 hour bus ride. Pretty crazy. They go and do something like four sessions each day there plus they do baptisms and stuff too. Sorella Thompson (of the senior couple from Australia) had helped all of them prepare names of their ancestors to bring and the Thompsons got to go with them to the temple. Yes, I was a little jealous because I would love to go to the temple.

Time's just flying by here in Italy. I've been eating healthy, keeping the apartment clean, and just having a bomb mission. Hope everything is well with you at home.

Anziano Banks!

Stamping Pass-along cards

Here I am stamping some pass-along cards!