Friday, August 19, 2011

Yo yo yo.

So, here's the dealio. I'm really busy. It's transfer week. I'm going to send you some e-mails when I get the chance. I can't promise they'll be on Wednesday. I can pretty much promise that they won't be. Ha!

The good thing is that I will be e-mailing you. I will maybe do it tomorrow, maybe I will do it on Friday.


Elder Banks.... or should i say Anziano Banks, is busy proofreading a letter that needs to go to a bishop!

I love your Son and we get along Great, I’m sure he will be the first to tell you how much patience he has to have with me some times.....lets just say my Italian isn’t at a level comparable to his. But we manage and we find and teach and baptize. I will tell you that a lot of people were kind of surprised when they found out we were both staying together..... come to find out not lots of people knew that we would be blessed to serve here in Italy a bit longer!

Brother Banks Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for those .... healthy snacks ;) we are really enjoying them.

Lia wow I think that my little brother has found his match in someone who likes Harry Potter as much if not more than he does.

Sister Banks you have inspired me and Anziano Banks to eat healthier food and drink more water. Must say you look very "HIP" in your big sunglasses.

Well I know that this Work is true I love the Gospel and I love the simple truths that have been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith! THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!! LOVE YA!

Your son(s companion),

Anziano Garvin 

As I was saying…

...I'll be getting back to you. Things are always exciting here in Rome. Like Anziano Garvin mentioned, we'll be staying together another transfer. Most people didn't know that we both extended, so they thought that we wouldn't be together, but we are, and it's TOTALLY AWESOME!


Anziano Banks : )