Sunday, June 12, 2011


These last few days, or week, or however long it’s been has been incredible. I could probably write you pages about it if I only had the time, so I’ll just give you a little overview.

Scambi (splits) in Napoli were awesome. I went with another Anziano Andersen and we basically did finding work the whole day (which I love). He’s in his fourth transfer, so he’s really young in the mission. Anyway, we had a blast and a lot of success. We actually got 13 people’s phone numbers!


When we first showed up there we had pizzas for dinner. That was great. They were delicious. After we did our scambi, we stayed over and took our preparation day the next  day. We went to piazza garibaldi in Napoli. That’s where I went to eat pizza from “Da Michele” which is rumored to be where pizza was invented, and is definitely the best place to get pizza in the world. You know how sometimes things get talked up so much that you get disappointed when you actually try it yourself? Well, this is definitely not the case. The pizza was amazing!! They only make Margheritas there and they are awesome. Secret ingredient? Well, it’s not that secret, they list it right on the list “aqua di Napoli” (Napoli water).










I love Napoli.

Today we just got back from a scambi that we did in Brindisi and Cosenza. That’s right, I already got to go back home again. I love that little city. Brindisi was great too.DSCN4532

Before dropping down to Brindisi we swung by Bari and I was really lucky that we showed up right at the end of Family Home Evening in church. We got to eat the refreshments and I saw some members that I knew. Here we are eating some panzerotti in Bari.  ----------------------------------->

After that we went down to Brindisi. We had a good time there. I was with Anziano Luke. He’s moved around a ton in his life and now he’s in Virginia. We met a lot of great people there.






I wish I would have had more time in Cosenza, but the cool thing is that we got to teach Anna Filipelli. She is the mom of member that lives up north (but they’re from Cosenza), and we started teaching her when I was there. She is getting baptized in a couple weeks.




Speaking of which, I can’t remember if I told you about the last couple of baptisms in Foggia, but they were both people that I found and taught! I’m not sure if you remember Favour, but him and his sister both just got baptized!

Things are going great. I’m very very busy and tired, and extremely happy and satisfied. There’s really nothing more fun than being a missionary!

Traveling around was great, but being back in Rome is great too.


Anziano Banks

P.S. We had to buy some blow-up mattresses for the mission, and I talked one of the managers at the store into giving us a deal and he gave us 2 mattresses free! That was pretty sweet.