Thursday, May 19, 2011

The most beautiful city in the world . . .

If you ask me, it's Rende. You remember how Greeley and Evans were right next to each other? Or St. George and Washington? That's how Cosenza and Rende are, but it turns out that Rende is better. The university is actually there in Rende, and so is the mall. I have to admit, the university is actually really ugly looking as far as buildings, but it has tons of students and they're all very open. We've been trying to go there every week, and we've met tons of awesome people.
Oh, but the most beautiful city in the world is actually supposed to be Rome. At least, that's what everyone has been telling me. I'll be going there tomorrow, because I GOT TRANSFERRED!


Pretty crazy, right? I'm totally stoked. I was really shocked, and I definitely am going to miss Cosenza a lot because in total I've lived 6 months here (only six weeks this time, but all together six months now).

Rome. wow.

I'm also going to be one of the assistants to the President, which means I'm going to keep pretty busy. I'm really looking forward to that, but more than that I'm just looking forward to serving in Rome. Thank goodness that I came back here to Cosenza because I was able to brush up on my Chinese, because I'm sure there are tons of Chinese there in Rome. This last week we really put forth a great effort and we were able to meet a lot of great people. I'm really happy. I guess next week I'll have a lot more to tell you. For now I'm just really busy getting packed, making sure transfers go smoothly for everyone in the zone, and trying to get pictures and say goodbye to everyone here. Man I love Cosenza. I love the Calabria. But I'm sure I'll love Rome because I love big cities.

How often do you pray for charity? I think that I'm going to start focusing on that more in my prayers. We need to love everyone and know how to express that love. One thing I love about Italy is that they have the Ti Voglio Bene form, which you can use for everyone (or Le Voglio bene).

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