Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey there!

Whew, things have been pretty crazy. Do you remember how I'm always telling you that I'm really busy? Well, I'm a whole lot more busy now! That's for sure.

This week we had Zone Leader Council. That was a lot of fun. As far as people that you know I saw Anziano Rowland, Anziano Scotchi, Anziano Shaw (who met dad last time he was in Rome), and I think that's about it as far as people that you know.

It's pretty crazy being an assistant because we're pretty well-informed on everything that goes on in the mission. It's a lot of fun. We're in the office a fair bit, but it's not too bad. We're supposed to do about 50% our own work and then 50% responsibilities as assistants (including taking people to and from the airport, organizing travel things, going on exchanges, etc…). Unfortunately in the past it hasn't been this way, so we have no investigators right now. But that's okay, we're going to be doing a lot of finding, which should be pretty fun.

As of now I haven't seen any sites in Rome yet, but I figure if I don’t see them now it just gives me one more reason to come back after the mission.

One pretty cool thing is that President Kelly's son is here right now and he served a mission in Taipei a few years ago. He was there when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the church in Taiwan (so were we). He speaks Chinese really well. That's actually what his major in college was.

Well, I don't have too much more to tell you. I'm doing well. I'm healthy. I'm tired, but I'm really happy about it. haha.

I think that the best way we can show our love for one another and for the Lord is through our service, and so I'm really happy that I'm able to show him some love right now (and of course for the rest of my life!)

I'm just so tired that I totally wasn't able to think of more things that we've done, but we've done a lot. 

One is that we went and tried to find an inactive Chinese member that lives near the train station. That was pretty fun. We went there and found out that she's nowhere to be found. So I thought to myself, usually all Chinese people in a neighborhood know each other (for example, mom knows pretty much every Chinese in St. George). So we went to the nearest Chinese store and asked the lady there if she knew this member of our church. She told us that she had a friend that may know her, so she called her. Well, here's what happened: She passed the phone over to me, and I found out that her friend was a Jehovah's Witness! She thought that we were from that church. haha.

I can't really blame her though because I had forgotten my nametag, so I can see why she couldn't tell.

Anyway, lots of different cool things have been going on, and I definitely need to catch up on my journal writing.

That's about it. Rome is awesome.


Anziano Banks