Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recent Happenings

I guess the big news is that I'm staying in Gela....and that my companion is being transferred! haha. He was only here 6 weeks! My new companion is going to be Anziano Scotchi!! He's a stud. I don't know if I've ever told you about him, but he was in Bari when I was in Foggia, and then he was in Bitonto when I was in Bari. In other words, we know each other. He's from Moldavia, but he's lived in Rome for years, so he's basically an Italian. It's interesting, but missionaries who have one Italian companion usually have two. I don't know why. I guess because the Italians just love us so much. haha.

Speaking of love. I bought my first suit here. I was in a tight situation because I completely destroyed my gray suit (I wore it out) and so I was stuck with only one suit. Seeing as it's winter, I've been wearing the same suit every day. So I finally bought a suit, and it is INCREDIBLE!! I love it. I also got a really good deal. It's about a 130 Euro suit, and I got it for 45 Euro. It's awesome. I've actually decided not to get rid of the gray suit either because Anziano Rowland gave me the idea that I can just buy another pair of pants that look the same, and use those. The suit jacket isn't totally destroyed yet, but the pants are. I figure I'll wear through the jacket, and then I can just keep using the pants. Seriously, this suit is awesome. Italians just know how to make good suits. They also know how to make good shirts, sweaters, coats, and about everything else. I love Italy.

The work here is going well. It pretty much always is though. The only problem is that I know too many people. It makes it a little bit hard to do street because I know so many people, and a lot of people like to talk. I love Italians. They're very friendly and open and talkative. Especially Sicilians. Seeing as I'm staying here, I think I'm going to end up learning a lot of Sicilian. It's pretty fun because people always get stoked when you start speaking Sicilian. If you want to make someone happy, all you have to do is say something in dialect. Then of course there are the people who don't even know how to speak Italian. It's incredible to me how many people are illiterate. I'm so thankful that I'm literate.

This week I also felt closer to Spencer. I've already been told that parts of Gela look like Peru (by Anziano Reyes – a Peruvian), and now we've been without water for two days!! haha. Fortunately we had bottles of water set apart because we had heard that this happens every once and awhile. The last couple days I have been showering with buckets. I have to admit though, I haven't gone completely third-world. Before showering I heat up some water with the stove, that way I don't have to take a cold shower. haha. Gela is so ghetto. One of our investigators told us that we don't have water sometimes because of the Mafia. I guess that they're just involved in everything here.

Oh man, I don't think I told you, but last week I went and saw the Temples in Agrigento. WOW. They are totally incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone. At least if they're here in the area. We also played a little basketball with the Anziani in Agrigento, and I can definitely tell that I haven't been running enough on my mission . . . haha.

This last week I decided to start reading the New Testament again in English (because I finished the Book of Mormon again in English). It's pretty amazing. I love the book of St. Matthew. It's awesome. The things that Jesus Christ teaches just make so much sense. I really feel the Spirit when I read them.

I'm going to have an awesome week. Tonight I'm going to Catania, I'm staying there all day Thursday, and then I'm coming back here on Friday. I love Catania. It's a great city. I love Gela, too. But let's face it, Catania is way sweeter. They have a McDonalds! Yes!

Anziano Banks