Friday, March 4, 2011

G is for Gela, G è per Giungla

Wow, what a fantastic week. I was able to splits in Catania for a day while I waited for my companion, and that was a total blast. I really love that city. Just walking around there reminds of the start of my mission because that's where we flew into! It's a lot more fun now that I can talk to everyone without any problems.

Anziano Scotchi is my new companion. I think I told you a little about him last week, but I think now I'll tell you a little bit more. Anziano Scotchi is from Moldavia (it's between Romania and Ukraine). He has lived in Italy for about 8 years, and he speaks Italian perfectly (he went to high school here). He's a great missionary. We haven't had much time to do finding work, but I've seen that he's a really great teacher. I what makes him so good at teaching is that he's studied a lot and very well. I've decided to study more carefully so that I can become a better teacher.

One of my favorite quotes from the last conference was that "We become who we want to be by consistently being who we want to become". One thing that I was thinking about lately, is that we are in a constant state of change, and so it might as well be improvement. I think a good goal is to become a respectable person. I'm starting to work on that.

I don't think I told you how surprised I was when we got our phone call last week from President. Wow. When he got off the phone with Anziano Perez I thought we were getting blown out because the first thing he said to me was how good of a job I had done here in Gela. haha. Then he told me I would be staying here and Anziano Scotchi would come. I basically started shouting for joy! What a great missionary!

Antonella says hi! She said to say hi even though she doesn't know you. Haha. She's so awesome. She quit smoking, and she understands the importance of being baptized although we haven't set a date yet. She has an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon. In fact, she tells us all the time about how she knows that it's true, about the things that she's learning and understanding, and how she wants to share it with everyone! She said that when she first heard about it she thought to herself, the Gospel, in the ancient Americas? That seems weird. Maybe they just made this religion up themselves (she thought to herself). Then she says, when I started reading it I thought, this is true. This book is a true book. I wish everyone would read it! The Gospel of Jesus Christ was taught to all of God's children. This book is true. It's so awesome. I really think that she's going to help her friends and the rest of her family read the Book of Mormon too! She's awesome. I'm so happy that when people actually read the Book of Mormon with the real intent to follow God, they always know that it's true.

I think that we're going to be seeing a lot of success these days. I'm also learning how to be a better cook because my companion's really good.

This week Dad sent me a little message that I really like about the greatest day ever. I think that it's so true that every day can be our greatest day ever. I seriously enjoy my mission because it's a blast. I love people. I love to help people. All day long I help people that I love come closer to Jesus Christ.

I also got an interesting letter from mom this week. I can't believe Verle is getting married! What a punk. I think everyone should just wait until this fall before they get married, that way I can come to everyone's weddings! (that includes Levi)

Anziano Banks