Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sono qui

Transfers came. Anziano Destefanis is going to Catanzaro (luckyyy), and I'm staying here in Gela. Anziano Perez is coming here from the Napoli Zone.  I'll meet him...tomorrow!

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. You know how I love doing missionary work in other cities? Well, tomorrow I'm going to be in Catania with Anziano Acerson and Anziano Mercado (he was in the MTC with me in the group that left before us). It should be a blast.

I know I tell you this all the time, but you should go on

I was thinking about it the other day because Nicola showed us a short clip that talked about the second coming. It wasn't something from our church, but it was awesome, and it got me thinking about the mormonmessages and how much I enjoy those. They're very uplifting.

Speaking of uplifting and all things good: Dried tomatoes. They're delicious, and I know that I'm going to be craving them when I come home from Italy in October. Here's what you have to do: Around June or so you have to put tomatoes out in the sun to dry, then you cut them, they dry out, and you put them in a jar full of olive oil, basil, oregano (i think), and you can eat them all year!!! Maybe you can find on the internet how to do it. You can do it with normal tomatoes, or with cherry tomatoes (delicious). Just thinking about it makes me crazy hungry!

BY THE WAY, You guys are driving me crazy with all the things from IN N OUT! haha. The only thing we have here is McDonalds. Although I recently ate a sandwich from a butcher that had the dried tomatoes, and sausage and it was crazy good.

When I talked to President he told me some interesting things. He said that he'd like me to train, but he didn't feel like Gela was the right city, so he's probably going to transfer me into another city in 6 weeks (after this transfer), and then my second transfer in the next city I should be training. He's totally right, Gela isn't the right city to train because it's not totally normal. The city itself is weird, and then there are very few members.

I like it though. It's nice to be in a big city where you can almost relax, but in the end you grow and learn more in a city that is totally dependent on you (like Gela).

Have a great week!

Anziano Banks!