Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buon anno!

So everything's going pretty well here. There's not too much news since last week. We've been praying for a family and we found huge one! They are from Croatia, and they have EIGHT KIDS! We're meeting with them tomorrow. We figure if we baptize them, we can pretty much open up a ward here. haha

I'm really excited for the holidays to end because then we should be able to do better missionary work. We've met some amazing people, but they're all from up north!! Now I see why the church is so big up there --because we give them all kinds of referrals! I really enjoy sharing the gospel with people from different places, but right now we really want to find people who are here because the Branch needs it.

New Years was crazy here! We had to be in the house by six because once it turned dark it turned into a war zone outside. Besides the fact that it sounded like bombs were going off everywhere, I saw one of our neighbors who was literally shooting a rifle into the air from his balcony!!! haha. What a nut. I went to bed on time, but I ended up getting up again around midnight because it was impossible to stay asleep.

New Years Day is a missionary cleaning day. It's always nice to have a clean house. We cleaned all day long. In the end, it was pretty enjoyable, but I prefer missionary work. I cleaned the bathroom tile walls with bleach and accidentally messed up one of my t-shirts a little bit. Bleach is pretty awesome. Hopefully you can learn from my example and keep the house in St. George really clean. haha

Have a great week!
Anziano Banks!