Sunday, June 27, 2010


Things are still going well here in Foggia. We had six investigators come to church on Sunday!! Plus a few more people that aren't investigators and just randomly showed up! haha. One of the best was Favour. He's from Nigeria and he was supposed to be baptized, but then he disappeared! He showed up in church and said that his cell phone has been having problems and he had to go out of town for something this last month, but now he's back and we're meeting with him again. I was way stoked to see him. He's a really good guy. He wants to follow Jesus Christ, but he just needs to be taught all the commandments.

It was a very interesting sacrament meeting. First, there were all the people there that don't know the church very well, then there was the fact that my companion had to translate for Favour (he only speaks English), and it was also a testimony meeting. Well, one member went up and said the Lord's Prayer and then sat down!! haha. It was crazy. I think that's what it's called in English, it's the prayer that Jesus Christ showed as an example for us in the New Testament. I was pretty shocked. But I guess no one else really was. It was just a little weird.

We also went in search of old investigators this week. I've found most old investigators love the missionaries. We went and visited a guy about our age, who happens to be a magician. When we first went into his living room there was an entire wall of dead butterflies, beetles, and scorpions! It was crazy. haha. Anyway, then he showed us some magic tricks that were pretty crazy (making cards appear out of nowhere, things disappear), and then he showed us his Guiness World record plaques! haha. He holds the world record for fastest escape from handcuffs (around 2 seconds), and fastest escape from a regular straight jacket (about 10 seconds). I was impressed. Unfortunately it looks like his level of interest in the gospel is pretty low, but he was a cool dude to meet.

You meet lots of interesting people in the mission field.

We talked to a guy on the street the other guy that told me he used to be Catholic, and now he's Aethiest. A couple minutes later he told me that he believes in God, but not in Jesus Christ. Then later he said he's waiting for Armageddon. Anyway, he wouldn't listen to us, and he's obviously very confused even about his own beliefs. While we were talking to him a bird pooped on my arm!! I told my companion that it's good luck, but he doesn't believe me. haha.

102_1154We also learned how to make Chocolate salami this week from the Bishop's wife. It's pretty good, but the way she showed us uses uncooked egg...but it's frozen. So I was wondering if that's okay to eat? It's actually pretty easy to make and it tastes really good. We brought one with us to Family Home Evening on monday, and everyone loved it. We had a great turn-out for FHE. We talked about honesty, and then we played BS. It's a card game. You pretty much have to cheat to play it,  it was really fun. haha. We just started having FHE here in Foggia for all the people who don't have families in the church, and it's a nice get together. I love when everyone gets together. I'm hoping none of our relatives get married until I get home so I can go to all the weddings.

Last night we had English course and I asked everyone what they would do for their dream date if they have unlimited money. One guy said he'd go to a muse concert, another said he'd go to Luna Park, another the Eiffel Tower. I also asked each of them what they would eat on their date. One guy said he would buy the girl a hundred roses, and then fly to the moon. I asked him what he would eat for dinner and he said: McDonalds!!! hahaha. He said "I would eat a Big Mac." haha. What a romantic.

Thank you for your support, your letters, and your love.


Anziano Banks!