Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm not one to leave a long build-up . . .

There are tons of things I want to tell you about this week, but I'm just going to start with the best.

Effective July 1st the Italy Catania Mission, along with all of its missionaries will become part of the Rome Italy Mission!!!

Which means that the possibility of serving in any of their cities will open up (like Napoli!!), and also that the mission home will move to Rome.

Basically it's just totally exciting. We will also have twice as many missionaries in our mission now.

Pretty much, this is totally awesome.

Now, normal things. Well, somewhat. This last week I have been in Cosenza (my city), Castrovillari (my other city), Bari (mission coference), and now I am in Catanzaro (P-day).

Because both my companions are Zone Leaders they had an extra meeting in Bari, and so I got to go on splits there. It was pretty fun because I was with Anziano Connell!! Plus I had some killer Panzerotti, and I tried Foccacia, which I actually wasn't that into. haha.

One thing that was sweet up there was we met some backpackers from Canada. They had just come from Switzerland. Basically what I learned from them is that backpacking around Europe is actually pretty expensive, and so I'm definitely thinking China is where I want to travel around after my mission.

Chinese, Chinese. So I told you I gave away a Chinese Book of Mormon, right? Well this week our goal has been to find a family of 4 to teach. Two married parents, with two kids. Well, yesterday we were walking and we saw a Chinese family like that!! So I went over to talk to them, but the wife was very not interested (which is weird because usually it's the husband). But anyway, it didn't work out because she said that all the Chinese go to a Christian Church together, and so they already have a church. What I'm thinking is, if they all joined our church they could just start a Chinese Branch!! haha. Oh well, she didn't want to listen. We still have the rest of the week to find a family.

I was thinking about something after I e-mailed you last week. I'm pretty sure I forgot to tell you about church in Castrovillari!!! hahaha. So first off, Anziano Sadler is the Branch President. There are two hours of church. First we had Sunday School, and we had one person come to that (an investigator), and then we had sacrament, for which one member joined us. haha. It's pretty crazy. We really need to get more members up there! I think that will probably be the smallest Branch I go to in my life. The thing is that they actually have quite a bit of work up there, they just need to start getting baptisms (don't we all..)

Thank you for your letters you've been sending. Lia's one with IN-N-OUT made me SO hungry!!! All we ever eat is pasta! I haven't even had McDonalds since I've been here. (only Burger King. haha).

The thing about the mission, is you pretty much lose your support system, except you can still pray to your father in Heaven. So if you don't start relying on him, then I could see how you would have struggles. Prayer is totally key to everything. And in prayers I think the key is the word "affinché." Which basically means, "so that," and it helps you realize the motives for the things you are asking. It really helps to make your prayers more effective and thoughtful. You should definitely try it.

Well, I guess that's about it. Everything's pretty sweet here. I'm really excited for the mission change. The Calabria and Puglia are sweet, and I'm still hoping to get a chance to serve in Sicily. But let's face it, the Rome mission just seems awesome. They have Napoli.

Keep me updated on your lives. Read the scriptures!!

Ciao ciao ciao.

Con Affetto,

Anziano Banks.