Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do you like that?

So I have some pretty sweet news. I told you about the family I tried to get us the other day, that Chinese one. Well, Anziano Sadler picked up new investigators up in Castrovillari while he was on splits. A family of four!!! haha. They have two daughters. Prayers are answered. I kind of was hoping it would be here in Cosenza, but at the same time, I may also be serving up there in Castrovillari for the whole transfer. I'm going there tonight for the weekend.

I also forgot to tell you about something funny that happened about a month ago. Or at least I think I forgot to tell you. I remembered yesterday because we were eating lunch at a member's home in Catanzaro and they found out quickly that I spoke chinese, and they started telling me a story they had heard about an Elder speaking chinese to a lady on the train. And as they started they said maybe it was me!! And it was! haha. I'm getting famous. lol.

So here's what happened. My companion had to go down to Catania for his mission conference. So I guess this was more than a month ago. But anyway, he met a chinese lady on the train that couldn't really speak any English or Italian, but he knew that she needed to get on a different train and the missionaries were trying to help her. Well, he called me and told me to talk to this Chinese lady (without telling me what he wanted), so I just started teaching the first lesson! haha. I asked her if she believed in God, and she said maybe, and then she passed the phone back to the Elders (confused) and they told me what they had wanted me to tell her.

All in all it was pretty funny and I was able to help her get on the right train. And I guess that the story has gotten around a little bit.

Also, another funny thing. In Bari I guess there's a TV show about the missionaries (a comedy). I'm actually pretty sure it's not offensive though, it's just funny. And it makes it so lots of teenagers just walk up to the missionaries and start chatting with them. They even have a theme song!! haha. Siamo noi...doo do doo do . . . It's pretty sweet. It's about Brother Johnson and Brother Johnson. Two missionaries. They have Italian actors for it. I thought it was pretty funny. Apparently it's a pretty popular show, because when I was with Anziano Marzolla we were walking past a random group of kids and he started singing it and they all started laughing and singing. haha.

Have a great week!


Anziano Banks!

So this is tonino's little 50CC car!! haha. That's the same size engine as the one on our little motorcycles. hahaha. So funny. Anyway, he's always driving this thing around castrovillari.

He's one of our investigators. He's pretty hard core catholic. He has a four foot long picture of the pope in his house. I think he knows that the Book of Mormon is true though. He keeps meeting with us, and he said that he's afraid that it is true, and he feels like he shouldn't be baptized because he's been baptized once. Anyway, he has a sweet car. And he feeds us gnocchi every saturday we're in town. haha. pretty cool.