Sunday, July 10, 2011


So this week it probably seems like I'm e-mailing really early, even though it's just on time. : )

Tomorrow is Zone Leader Council. That's always really awesome. We're probably not going to be having one next transfer due to the holidays (people traveling) so this one has got to be good.

Guess what I ate for lunch today! A kebab! Do you remember how many times I've told you I was called to the perfect mission? Well, here in Rome they actually have really good kebabs, because I've been to some other places in Italy that have them and they aren't as good, but here they're great!

We also have a great district here. I really liked an e-mail that I sent in the MTC describing everyone in my district, so I decided I should do that again. In my district here we all serve in the Rome 2 ward.

Anziano Mercado: He was in the MTC with me. He's from Michigan, but he also lived in Washington and Oregon (I think) and was born in Florida. He used to be a vegetarian and he still doesn't eat a ton of meat. I've been on splits with him in Catania and he's a great finder because he talks with everyone. One thing I love about him is that he is always looking to improve and use time wisely.

Anziano Shipton: He is in his second transfer. He's from Utah. He used to play football and basketball. He really loves Italy and realizes how awesome it is that he is serving in Rome.

Anziano Garvin: He's my companion now and was my companion in the MTC. He's great. He hasn't really changed: He's still extremely self-motivated, he still loves the scriptures, and I still love being his companion. He just came off Malta so he's working on getting all his Italian back, but he still speaks fine.

Sorella Jones: She went to BYU before the mission. She was a linguistics major so she speaks Arabic, French, and some Spanish. She also did the BYU-Jerusalem study for a semester so she knows the Bible really well. She's actually in her last transfer right now, but she's doing really great and is actually training...

Sorella Perez: She's really awesome. She is from Peru, but she's lived most of her life in Milan. I don't know her very well because she just got here, but I know that she has a really strong testimony and that she is really friendly. She doesn't speak much English, but she's working on it. I think she plays soccer which will be cool if we play soccer as a zone this transfer.

Oh, then there is also our office couple:

Anziano and Sorella Valentine: They are from Denver!!! They've only been here one transfer. They are really happy all the time even though they have to do a ton of work in the office. Sorella Valentine is an AMAZING cook. I really admire them. They totally love their mission and are learning a lot.

I better go because we have a lot of things to do. I know, we always do.


Anziano Banks