Friday, March 5, 2010

La mia bellissima famiglia

asdf Wow. I have such a crazy mission. hahaha.
So we have an investigator up in Castro that would be really awesome, except she's been really sick for the last three weeks. So she hasn't been able to come to church and we haven't been able to teach her any proper lessons. Anyway, it seems that Anziano Wood picked it up and he got really sick last week. So that stopped us from doing any work for about 3 or 4 days. The good news is that even though we couldn't really do much missionary "work," we were able to do a lot of missionary "things."

This was really good because there are a lot of things going on in the Cosenza house. We are currently having the entire house repainted, so we were able to get it ready for that. We also are replacing just about everything in the kitchen. haha. The really cool thing is that we have members here that are giving us a new kitchen table, and we may even be getting free new cabinets. Anyway, things have been really crazy with all of that, so it was good because me and Anziano Sadler were able to move things around in the house while Anziano Wood tried to recover. Now Anziano Wood is doing fine and it looks like me and Anziano Sadler managed to not get sick.

The Cosenza house is going to be way sweet now. The Cosenza house has always been a great place as far as mission homes. Do you remember that guy at the temple in St. George that told us about how when Presidente Taranto came all the apartments got A/C? Well, the story goes that it all started with the Cosenza house. When he was coming to visit Cosenza, the missionaries left the oven on all day! So when he came it was so hot that he decided all the houses needed to get air conditioning. hahaha.

This last week I also got to go to Crotone. That was pretty cool. Between the two cities I haven't had much time to do proselyting this transfer, but that's pretty much all we did while we were in Crotone. It was actually a lot of fun. We found out that they had a bunch of pass-a-long cards that are ten years old, and we decided that we should start just giving them to everyone because after the Catania mission gets shut they'll have the wrong phone number and won't be very useful. So we just walked around giving them to everyone. About the third person we handed one to said "For you" and handed us a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet that said "Should you fear hell?" Then we just kept on walking around handing them out and of course talking to people about the Book of Mormon because they're the pass-a-long cards with the number if you want a free Book of Mormon. Well, we were talked to one guy who we ended up giving a copy of the Book of Mormon, set up an appointment with, and committed him to read a chapter before the visit. He's definitely elect. I love finding great people when doing street. That was the highlight of the trip to Crotone.

The real highlight of this last week though would be last Wednesday night. We were teaching a member's husband. We were talking about Jesus Christ and what he's done for us and faith in him, and I decided to talk when I had nothing to say. It was awesome. I'm pretty sure I experienced the gift of tongues, or at least the Spirit telling me what to say in the very moment that I need it, because all of a sudden I just started testifying and saying a ton of stuff out of nowhere. It was a really cool experience. I just hope that he felt the Spirit. We're going to try and work with him some more. We have a lot of part-member families to work with here.

Okay, so remember how we have someone painting our house right now? Well, of course we've been trying to teach him the Gospel a little bit when we're at home, and it's going really well. I just wish that he worked slower! Whenever we're leaving the house we invite him to join us as we pray, and yesterday we totally taught him how to pray and he offered the prayer! haha. We tried to commit him to pray that night, but he just says "piano, piano" which means like...slowly slowly. Anyway, he's really awesome, and I think that he'll come around,  piano piano.

As far as my monthly money goes, I'm getting a lot better at it. I was almost broke my first month!! haha. But now I've figured out where we can get really cheap food, and I've also realized what I should be eating. Basically, I found out that I need hardly any meat, which is great because that stuff is way too expensive anyway. Thank you for the food pyramid. I really wish I could get on that website because it seems like it would be awesome.

Have a great week! Choose the right! Make sure you go to church because even if you don't get something out of it, it will help others.
Con Affetto,
Anziano Banks

Family Home Evening

This is an older picture at FHE around when I first got to Italy.