Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hola Familia!!

oh sorry.

Ciao Famiglia!!

I get so confused with all these languages running through my head!! We have two Spanish speakers in our district. (One being from spain- haa)

Anyway, let me tell you about my week!!

I went to this place called the referral center. It's totally awesome!! We get to chat with people who are, and just answer whatever questions they might have. You should seriously use it--it's bomb. We love chatting with you, and some of these missionaries will do a really good job helping you! And who knows? Maybe you'll get to chat with me!

My highlight for the week:
We were doing some practice scenarios in Italian. The situation was someone was at a bus stop holding a photo of their family. You talk to them about their family and then bring up the Gospel. (That's right, we're learning a ton of Italian!) So anyway, I found out my collega is hilarious. He says "You have a beautiful family--how would you feel if they died?" hahahaha. So funny.

The other funny highlight I had this week was with Anziano Garcia (the one from spain). We were teaching someone and as soon as we walked up he starts saying "Tu Battessimo! Tu Battessimo adesso!!" hahaha. It was so funny. That means You-baptism-now! It was great.

But seriously, these activities really help us practice and I promise we take them seriously most of the time and they're very helpful. Especially when we go in the Training Resource Center. And we had another great time in there this last week, and the Italian portion went about 100 times better than last week.

What's my favorite activity every day? Well..probably calcio. But after that, I really love to plan!! It's so great. We have these little planners and we plan out our entire days and set goals. You've got to try it. We accomplish so much more than there's any way we could otherwise.

I have the whole first vision memorized in Italian!! We used it in our lesson at the TRC. It was powerful.

So one thing I've noticed here is that I haven't been having any problems. I mean, I've been pretty tired the last couple days, but besides that I just love everything about the place!! (Oh my goodness, the trees are gorgeous. Bellissimo! I love fall).

What I have also noticed is that there are a couple missionaries that really struggle and that they miss their family and stuff like that. Do you know why? I'll tell you why! It's all about obedience. I've just been really obedient. Why try and fight it? Obviously all the rules were given through inspiration, and it's not like they're really that strict. Although I will admit that it's tough to have no music at all because it's been banned from the MTC. But these Elders just don't go to bed or class on time, and they don't stay focused and studying, and they'll spend study time looking at pictures or something, and it's like: HELLO!!! I would miss people too if I spent all day looking at photos of them! But I've only pulled out my photos three times just to show people. And Elder Hollland said "Obedience is the first law of missionary work" but then he said that actually "Obedience is the first law of everything" And if you check out D+C 130:20, 21 you'll see that through obedience you get blessings. And I know I've been getting blessings and that through obedience and prayer things have just been going really well for me.

I need to tell you some more about Calcio. It's awesome. We have some killer players in my district, and I've also been playing really well because I've been throwing a lot of energy into it. Might as well, we only have about an hour to excercise every day.

As far as scripture study goes, I got a copy of True to the Faith from my collega, and I've been using that quite a bit. It's still my favorite gospel reference!! So good.

One crazy thing is today we got a bad rating on our room! Last time we had a "celestial" and this time all we got was acceptable. It was the worst it's ever looked---because it's P-day! But anyway, mio capo distretto (District Leader) said something really funny the other morning after we had to do linen exchange. He and I both have top bunks which are pretty hard to make. He said "It's gonna take me like 30 minutes to make my bed" hahaha. Anziano Rowland...funny guy.

I really have a pretty hilarious district. It's sweet. When mio collega said that thing about families I laughed harder than I've laughed in over a year I bet! It was crazy.

I guess my times coming to a close.

Basically, I'm just having a good time here. The last week FLEW by, and as I'm sure the rest of the mission will. I'm very busy, which is very good.

I love you.

Scegli il ben.

Read your scriptures.

Con Affetto,

Anziano Banks

p.s. I forgot to mention that I did see Craig Tippets in passing and he looks good. I also have seen a ton more people and that's been great. I'm molto felice! Ciao!