Friday, April 30, 2010

Awesome Week!

So this week was pretty amazing. I'm going to have to start with yesterday. A member of our ward, Sorella Caricato got married!! She is an RM from the Milan mission, and so is her husband, although they served at different times. They got married in the church, and then they went up to the temple in Switzerland to be sealed.

I had heard lots of good things about Italian weddings, and although this was a small one, I was still very impressed. All of us missionaries expected to avoid cooking lunch because we figured we would be filled at the wedding. I was pretty disappointed when I saw that there was only little appetizer-type food set out.

Then, all of a sudden they started bringing out lasagna!! It was awesome. I hadn't even thought about them having multiple courses. I decided that I needed to eat my fill, so I had two plates of lasagna. Then they brought out another plate with 2 balls of Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo mozzarella), another kind of lasagna, and some sort of potato thing that was cooked in the oven. I struggled to finish it, after which they brought out cups of fruit that were handed to everyone. Then they went to dessert!! There was tons of different desserts, and of course a cake, and basically I thought I was going to explode. It was awesome. I love weddings.


There was also a lot of dancing that we unfortunately did not participate in. Anziano Shaw is going home in about a month so the members love talking to him about after his mission. This one member, a 20-something year old girl was talking to us and she says: You know, when you go back to America you don't have to just date American girls. There are Italian girls too. hahaha. It was so great. Then she started talking about how they know how to cook and all these other good qualities that they have. It was pretty funny. I'll be honest, a wedding is not the best place for a missionary because all the single girls start to feel lonely and they see a bunch of clean cut nice young men and just want to come talk to us.


One of the best things about the wedding though is that during it we actually taught a lesson to a new investigator named Favour. He's from Nigeria (I think), and he speaks English. He crossed the Sahara desert to come to Italy, and has seen many of his friends die. He has strong faith in God, and knows that Jesus Christ is our Savior. This was only our second meeting with him but he already wants to be baptized! So we're going to have his baptism on the 5th of June (after we teach him everything). Then that night we had English Course and I was talking to one of my students and he wants to come to church on Sunday to check it out!

Sorella Caricato (the one who just got married) gave us some good advice the other day. She's a really shy lady, but as she was taking us to share the gospel with some of her friends she said: "When we have fear, we are thinking of ourselves." It's true. If we really love the people then we want to help them and will talk to them.

This week I also went on splits with Anziano Cox! He is related to my friend Dallin Cox from High School. We had an amazing day together. He is in his 3rd transfer, and I'm in my 4th. We talked to more people in one day than I think I've ever talked to in a week with other missionaries. Both of us just don't have any problem talking to everyone, and so it made for some very effective proselyting.

We also had a really cool experience. We went to a nice, big park that they have in Foggia, and we started talking to everyone that was sitting on the benches. We ended up teaching a couple guys that were both foreigners. One from Ghana, and the other from Afghanistan. The man from Ghana spoke English and we gave him a Book of Mormon in English (after we taught him). Then we kept going through the park, taught a couple nice Italian families, met some more people, and next thing we knew it was 1:10 p.m.! (We are supposed to be home for lunch at 1:30 and we were far from the house). So we started going back and we passed the man from Ghana. He was sitting on a different bench with his friend, reading the Book of Mormon!

He saw us and said "This is a very good book."

As we were walking away I told him, "That's right. It's the best book. .. Have a nice day!"

It was so cool to see him sitting there reading the Book of Mormon. Earlier when we taught him we told him a little about the Plan of Salvation and he told us "I hope to see you in Paradise." He also told us about how we were the first people that had come to tell him about Jesus Christ. He was just a great guy. It's crazy the sacrifices and struggles that people go through, and it's great to see there humility and how open they are.

Anyway, so things are all still going great. The weather is beautiful, the experiences are great. I know that we're receiving tons of blessings here.

Have a great week!


Anziano Banks!

Monday, April 26, 2010


So things are going pretty well here in Foggia. It's a HUGE city. At least it sure seems like it because we walk a ton more than Cosenza. They used to have bikes here, but then one got stolen and no one ever replaced it. It's a real shame because all this walking is crazy.

This week I attended church here! It was pretty crazy. It's going to take me awhile to get to know all the members because there are so many! It also means that we're going to be able to get a lot more referrals and help with the work.


It's definitely a different experience. We also have a bigger English Course and that started back up this week. I'm going to be teaching the advanced course, which basically means that I'm just going to be chatting with people. I think I'm going to bring some Liahonas or something to give them something to read. Right now I have about 5 students in my class, but my students want to invite more. Anyway, the other classes have a ton more students. Intermediate has about 15 and Basic has around 10.

This city has a lot of things established. For example, we actually go and do service! We go to the mensa (it's like a soup kitchen) and help them serve food and clean up once a week. It's alright.

There are a lot of things that are established as far as missionary work that seem to be more of a hindrance than a help. For example, we have a housing zone, but it's about a half an hour walk away! Which seems like a really ineffective use of time to me, so I probably won't be doing a lot of house here. Basically it's a little bit harder to be creative and stuff when there are lots of things already established. But I think I should be able to make things work. I know, you'd think it'd be a good idea to keep things how they are, but not if it's not very effective. There are definitely some things that could be improved on. We'll see.

My companion also loves to go "Chinese Hunting" where we go around to Chinese stores proselyting. He wants to do it every day, but we decided we'll just do it a couple times a week. It actually seems to be really effective, except it also means a lot more work for me because I have to do all the teaching with the Chinese. I also need to improve my Chinese, so now I do a half hour of Chinese language study every day. I already do an hour of Italian, and this is in addition to that. Most missionaries take a nap in the afternoon during our lunch time, and instead of that I just study. It works out pretty well.

Anyway, so we met someone yesterday that told us his day off from work is Wednesday (our P-day) and that he wants to take us to historical sites around Foggia, so we'll probably go do that next week or something, which will be awesome.

Everything's good here. I love you. I'm praying for you. I'm learning a lot and growing, and have a great week!


Anziano Banks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love Baptisms!

So this last week we had the baptism of 8-yr-old Sara Succurro. I know, it doesn't really count, although we did help teach her.  The baptism was totally awesome. They had tons of food afterwards!! I don't remember my baptism being anything like that! There was huge attendance at the baptism, and another highlight would probably be that there was a musical number done by the Anziani (In other words, me and my companion). We had helped Sara plan the baptism and she asked us to do that. Our baptismal font is alright. It's made of huge PCV pipes with a tarp like material, but it's actually really sturdy (I think). One thing that wasn't so great about the baptism is that Fratello Favre, after coming out of the baptismal font soaking wet, tried to walk to the office to change and slipped on the tile floor!! I saw just the end of it as he fell flat foward. He's a stud though and got changed and came back out. Right after though he didn't stay for the food, but went to the emergency room to get his arm taken care of (He his his shoulder really hard).

After Baptism All the food after the baptism!

Anna and Giuseppe Since I always talk about them, this is Anna and Giuseppe!

Sorella Spadafora Here I am with Sorella Spadafora!

The work in Cosenza in booming! We have two baptisms in the next month (investigators), and the members are helping us like crazy. I can only imagine if members everywhere did as much work as the members do in Cosenza. It would be crazy.

I guess I should explain to you the two baptisms in Cosenza. One is Narsissa who we've been teaching that my first transfer here wouldn't meet with us because her boyfriend didn't like us. I'm pretty sure they broke up, and now she comes to church every Sunday!

The other one is really crazy. It's Angela Sicilia. Her husband is atheist and wouldn't let her be baptized. We talked to her a few weeks ago and we decided that we would all fast that she could be baptized. We fasted...with faith...and her husband is fine with it!! She's going to baptized on May 1st.  Teaching her is ridiculous. The first lesson we taught her, she first pulled out a well used triple and said she's read the Book of Mormon three times. Then, she pulled out a well marked Preach My Gospel!!! It was really crazy. So we just taught her out of that and she already knew everything. I'm pretty sure she's as prepared as anyone possibly could be.  Her mother is the Relief Society President and has been giving us amazing referrals.

Goodbye Cosenza! So now, right after Cosenza becomes amazing, I got transferred!! I'm now further north in the city of Foggia. The good news is that in two weeks we have...two baptisms!! So it appears that the work is going great here as well. We have four missionaries here, and we have an actual ward!  Apparently the members don't love helping us though, but we'll work on that. I was shocked when transfer calls came. I was doing some killer work in Cosenza and was very happy and comfortable. I also thought if I went anywhere I want to go to Palermo where they actually have Chinese members and I could do some sweet lessons in the presence of a member.

But Foggia has been great so far. I'm looking forward to working with a ward, having an actual church building that has a soccer field, and living in a four man city.

So far we haven't had a chance to do much proselyting, but I'm sure that will go well. My companion is Anziano Halverson from Las Vegas, NV. He LOVES to do SYL! (Speak your language). I can honestly say that I can very comfortably speak Italian now, so we chat about all kinds of things all day long. Blessings. Blessings. Blessings. I think we're going to have great success here because he also loves being obedient, and so it's a great companionship.

I also found out that one of the missionaries here, Anziano Cox, is related to my friend Dallin Cox from High School! It's his uncle. And one of the best things about Foggia: Anziano Rowland is in my Zone!!! That's my District Leader from the MTC, he's from Florida, and he's awesome.

Anyway, I gotta go. 
Have a great week!

Love, Anziano Banks.

P.S. You know how people always ask what you learned on your mission? Well, here's what I would say so far: Patience, Charity, Fasting, and Italian.

Fasting is the easiest because I gained my testimony because God always responds to my prayers, but then I've found that every time I fast he responds that much faster and to that much bigger of requests! Charity and Patience because that's the only way you can get by serving with a bunch of 19 and 20 something year olds. And I've found that if you serve others because you love them then you are blessed, plus you are happier.

P.P.S. Here are some pictures of our apartment!

102_1006 102_1007 102_1010


How was your conference??
I really enjoyed it. We were able to see a couple of the sessions live, a couple recorded, and unfortunately it doesn't work out that we get to see the Sunday evening session. Unfortunately I had to watch it all in Italian, and needless to say the jokes don't exactly translate well. For the most part I understood everything, and I know our investigators loved it.

We had two investigators that fasted for conference, and one of them has set a baptismal date, and hopefully another one will this week!! The only unfortunate thing is that transfer calls come in a couple days, so I might miss these baptisms. But it's really awesome to see things happening here. I think I mentioned this before, but it's been over a year and a half since they've had a baptism in Cosenza!!

I really loved conference. I don't know if you remember Dave Mizukawa from High School, but I he was singing in the choir! That was awesome. He was the Student Body President my sophomore year.
This last week we picked up a new investigator from the college. I think me and my companion have figured out what to do when we teach someone who's chinese. This kid is about 24 and has been in Italy for around three years, so I asked him if we could teach him in Italian, but he preferred Chinese. So I was going through about the apostasy and prophets and then I started getting into the restoration when my companion nudged me and told me to grab out the pamphlet on the Restoration. So I pulled that out and then asked Zhong Tian to read the quote from the prophet about the first vision. Well this made it so my companion knew where we were, and then after that he was able to bear his testimony in Italian, and then I continued teaching (in chinese). It worked out really well, and I think especially with testimony it's not so important that people understand everything, but that they can feel the spirit.
Later this week I think I'll give Zhong Tian a Book of Mormon. Speaking of Chinese with Book of Mormons: I went on splits in Castrovillari and visited Yang Fan and De Hua. Yang Fan is the wife, and she just got back from a 1 month trip to China for Chinese New Year. Right before she went I had given her a Book of Mormon and read with her Moroni's Promise (that if you read and pray you will know it's true). The bad news is that she hasn't really been praying about it. The good news is that she read half of the Book of Mormon!! She also shared it with some of her Christian friends and they read some! So I told the Anziani in Castrovillari that they need to go show her the Restoration film in Chinese, and then explain the importance of praying to know. De Hua (her husband) still hasn't read. He said he's been busy.

102_0952I also went to Catanzaro for a Zone Conference this week. The other one is with Anziano Bailey at the conference in Catanzaro. He finishes in about...a few days. haha. I love that city. The Zone Conference was great too. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and President Toronto also mentioned something about Job, and said if we should really read it sometime. Well, I decided to do it, and now I think it may be my favorite book in the Bible!! It's so good. Basically I think you just need to read the first chapter and the end of the last chapter in the book.
In the begining Job has an awesome life and he's the richest man in the East, he's also very righteous. He has something like 500 oxen, 500 sheep, and tons of other stuff. Then, a servant comes and tells Job that people came and stole his oxen, then while that servant is still talking, another comes and says that fire came and destroyed his sheep!! Then another servant comes to tell him something else was destroyed while the one before is still talking, and each servant was the only survivor. Then Job goes on to get boils all over his body for a week, and he suffers for about the rest of the book. Anyway, at the end, after tons of crazy trials, he gets 1000 oxen, 1000 sheep, and blessed with double everything he has in the beginning. hahaha. I thought it was a pretty crazy story. Anyway, I believe the moral is that we don't see immediate blessings for being righteous, but in the end we will be blessed. Hopefully our trials aren't as dramatic and difficult as those of Job, but I think you get the idea. He also had great friends, and I'm really grateful because I do too.
You should check out that book sometime.

Other than that... I included a picture of me cleaning. I love weekly cleaning. haha. Every P-day we clean for about an hour. It makes the house really nice. : )

Ray Cleans 
Easter is pretty crazy here. Italians love to have parties. haha. It's basically just eating all day the day after Easter. Easter is Pasqua. The next day is called Pasquetta. I guess that means little Easter. Anyway, the city was dead. Hardly any cars out, almost no people at all on the streets. It was crazy. Thank goodness I was in Cosenza, because I heard in Castrovillari they only talked to about 15 people in the whole day.

One thing I've realized is that it's really easy to put on weight on a mission. Some people say it's not because you walk around so much, but what I've realized is that the better missionary you are, the easier it is to put on weight. Because if you're a good missionary, then members and investigators like you so they always want to invite you over for lunch. If you are able to get lots of teaching appointments you do a lot more sitting than walking around. When you do do street, if you really talk to everyone than you can only walk a few feet before you're stopping again!! You have a half hour every morning to exercise, but that just doesn't cut it. So that's my theory on gaining weight on your mission. I tried to not eat pasta so much when we make our own food, but it's the cheapest thing to do!

I know that the church is true. I know that President Monson is a Prophet called by God. I know that the work here is making great progress. Especially thanks to the Conference, and the baptism of an 8-yr-old in our Branch this Sunday. There's no way our investigators won't feel the Spirit there. Even the one that struggles to have faith could feel the strength of the testimonies at conference. I know that God answers prayers, and that Joseph Smith was the first Prophet in these days. I love you, and I'm grateful for all your support. I'm very grateful that our family is sealed in the temple and that we aren't a part-member family because I've seen how hard that is. Thank you for staying worthy! And I know that every time we want to repent we will be forgiven.

Have a great week! I'm happy, healthy, and a little hungry because it's getting close to lunch time.
Con affetto,
vostro figlio e fratello,
Anziano Banks.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This week really flew by. It's because we've really started heading to some different areas and being in a new environment makes time disappear.

We went to Marano (a paesino near Cosenza) because a member invited us over for lunch with one of her friends. It was pretty awesome. The lunch and the friend. Her name's Mara and we taught her how to pray. (Address God, Thank him for what you'd like, Ask him for blessings, and "close in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen") Before she did the cross and didn't really close her prayers. I mention the layout because we found out why one of our investigators isn't progressing. She has been praying "in her own way" and she also doesn't believe that God will respond to her prayers because he hasn't responded for 43 years.

Unfortunately she doesn't really have any faith. Her husband knows the church is true, and is ready for baptism except he doesn't want to do it without his wife. We also have another investigator that knows the church is true, but her husband won't let her get baptized. Then we have three others that are also completely ready for baptism except two are afraid of messing up after baptism, and one is afraid that she'll marry someone outside the church after her baptism. So we have great work going on right now, but we just need our investigators to demonstrate more faith and then we'll have a lot of baptisms here!! This week we're preparing them for conference and I expect that things will be a lot better after that.

This week we also found a family we had been praying for! We've been praying to find a family with three kids, and then we saw them and taught them and it was awesome. I can't remember the question, but we asked the mother something and she was being silent and then her daughter said "Dio!" Which means "God." Crazy cute kids, and we're going to go teach them when they come home after Easter. We've also been doing a lot of less-active work. Well, we've been trying to. We were able to meet with Francesco Trausi again this week (he works at McDonalds). I also had my first Big Mac Meal in Italy!! It was great. Basically what he said is what everyone loves to say. God is merciful, and he loves us, so we'll all be saved. Which is crazy. At least it is if they believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. I've decided my favorite New Testament scripture is Matthew 7:21
"Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."
It's pretty straightforward.

I had a pretty cool experience this week after correlation. I tried to say something in English, and I found out it was easier to speak Italian! haha. I also found out why there are so few members here, and yet we have a pretty good sized building, and we have a Family History Center and the District President's office. Well, it turns out that a few years ago we had about 70 active members!!! You may be thinking, what happened? Don't you only have 50 or less members even on record? Well it turns out that the reason why membership is so low in the Calabria is because all the members moved up north for work because there's no work here! The branches here all used to be pretty sweet I guess, but then they shrunk because everyone moved. So now in our mission we have the Puglia stake, Sicily which is about to become a stake, and then we have us. We probably won't become a stake for awhile because all the branches here don't have a lot of members.

Anyway, everything's really great here in Cosenza. The weather outside is beautiful. I almost wish that we had a yard so I could go out and do yard work. haha. I probably really will plant some Basilico and Peperoncino in the next house that I go to. Just in a pot.

Like I said, I've really enjoyed the pasta and rice and things that we've been making lately, but last night I had something awesome. I basically made potato wedges. It was delicious. For some reason our house has american hickory barbeque sauce, so I had it with that. I think I'm going to save money throughout my mission, and then the last transfer just have hamburgers and fries every day! hahaha. just kidding, just kidding. At that point I'll be able to wait until I can have IN-N-OUT.
The church is true. Pray for faith. Pray for the Spirit. Have a great week.

Anziano Banks!

p.s. Pray for our investigators!! : )
p.s. This  photo is of our church!! There was crazy mold, and now they're finally getting it taken care of.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Amo Italia

Ciao Famiglia. Questa volta pensavo che fosse meglio di scrivere in italiano. Così potete imparare un poco. haha.


District Meeting in Catanzaro

This week was pretty sweet. We went down to Messina for a zone conference. It was nice to see Anziano Garcia and Sorella Miller there. I haven't seen either of them in a few months, and they're both doing great.

The highlight for this last week would have to be the University of Calabria. We found out about it when we were doing less active work and met Francesco Trausi who used to be a student there. We decided it may be worthwhile to return and do some proseltying. That morning during personal study I decided to pray about who we should try to find while we were at the college. The thought came to me while praying that we should find a friend for Rosangela, and that she would be brunette. So, we had that in mind while we went to the college.

In the morning we took the bus over. It's about a 20 minute bus ride. We sat across from a girl that fit the description but was listening to music. She stopped listening to the music, and we noticed that she read our name tags. We both knew that we needed to talk to her, but it was pretty awkward. Finally we mumbled to each other that we really need to, and my companion asked her if she was going to the college. It's always fine right after you break the ice. We talked with her and taught her about the Plan of Salvation. When we arrived at the college she showed us a good place for us to do proselyting because she said there were lots of people there that need our message. We have a return appointment with her on Saturday with Rosangela!

That was awesome. Later at the college we also met another girl that we told that her Heavenly Father loves her and that really touched her. We are also going to meet with her on Saturday.

There were a lot of chinese there. As we walked by chinese people I knew that I needed to talk to one of them. So finally I just said hi and asked (in chinese) two guys where they were from, and they were some random province of China, and then I explained that we're talking about the plan that God has for us and asked them what they thought about the purpose of life. Basically, one tries not to think about it, but the other one believes in God and Jesus Christ, and we're also going to meet with them this week.

So we had a great day at the college.

This week was pretty crazy though. In Italian there's a word called "Bidone" and last week we got five of them!! It means when someone sets up an appointment with you and doesn't show. It's because we've been going through our old investigators and our potentials. We're definitely figuring out who is and who isn't interested!

One blessing that we had last week is referrals. With 15 members it's difficult to get a lot of referrals, but we got three last week! We're building our way up to four referrals a week, because we also get them from investigators and friends that we have.

Today we went to Sila. You probably haven't heard of it. haha. Apparently it's quite famous in Italy. We went Giuseppe Belsito. He should be setting a baptismal date tomorrow (feel free to help us pray about it). It was a really fun trip. La Sila is only half an hour away from Cosenza, and they have ski resorts and we had a picnic while we were up there. All the water that we use here is from there.

Lunch was pretty good. We just had bread with cheese, ham, and then some fruit afterwards. It's a shame that he forgot to bring salsiccia picante (spicy sausage). I love that stuff. Giuseppe loves it too, and he said that sausage was born in the Calabria. It was a nice P-day.

Lately for lunch we eat a lot of rice and vegetables. We just cook rice and frozen vegetables together, and then I make a sauce out of soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little olive oil, Cayenne Pepper, Rucola (tastes like green onion), and a little flour to make it thick. It's good. I've been getting better at pasta, but we've started getting lazy. We cook the pasta, and then we stir in a sauce that is already cooked (it still only costs about €1) and then we put in a little mozzarella. It tastes good. We switch off between those two every day. For breakfast I've been having Corn Flakes with a banana that I cut into it, and at night I have leftovers from dinner, or a tuna sandwich, and then I drink some herbal tea before I go to sleep.

Just in case you were curious what I've been eating. At meal appointments we eat a lot better. haha. I also have tons of wheat bread and jam (homemade grape)  that I eat quite often.

Have a great week!

You're in my prayers.


Anziano Banks.

p.s. Today Giuseppe told us that it's easy to be serene, but hard to be happy. Because when you close your eyes everything is peaceful, but when you open your eyes it's like "Madonna!!" because the world's so bad. hahaha.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Week in a Great City!

So this week was pretty exciting.
After having dropped a fair number of investigators that just aren't ready for the gospel we've started doing a lot of proselyting. It's actually been really refreshing. One day we were deciding where to go and we saw that there was a park circled on the map, so we decided to walk up to it. The park was a joke. A couple of benches. But while we were up there we did some house, and we also had a nice view.
The highlight of the week though, would have to be Saturday night. We basically did a huge loop around the entire city for about 3 hours, and we were able to get some awesome contacts and teach a lot of people about the gospel. We even got a referral from some guy! So at the end of the night we decided to reward ourselves by buying a pizza from my favorite pizza place that makes an awesome pizza. The best one is with peperoni, ham, and peppers. Anyway, so we were running to the pizza place to grab our pizzas quickly before coming home and I sprained my ankle!! But we still got the pizzas and they were delicious. The next day I went to church with a cane. haha. And then on monday I decided it was worth spending 10 euro on an ankle wrap.


On Sunday I couldn't really get around very well, so we did a lot of stamping pass-a-long cards, and a lot of Area Book work. There are a ton of old Book of Mormon cards that we're going to have members help us give out. That should go really well. I also went back to Castrovillari on splits this week. It was okay, but I prefer Cosenza. I took a picture of the chapel there. It's crazy small.

Tiny Chapel

Other news...
We were talking to this guy about the same age as us and he was laughing as we were talking to him, and then he said, "Guys, I'm laughing because I'm evangelist too!" hahaha. He didn't want to talk anymore when he found out we were LDS. Or here "SUG" (Santi degli Ultimi Giorni")
Actually, I just remembered the real highlight of the week. Last night. Okay, so yesterday evening we taught Annalaura and Giuseppe about tithing which they totally accepted and we found out that Giuseppe already pays money to a charity every month and it all just makes sense to them how they'll be blessed. Anyway, they're really putting thought into the truthfulness of the Gospel and we said, okay, tonight, at 10:30pm let's all of us in this room kneel down and pray that you will know that the Book of Mormon is true. Then last night Giuseppe called us at about 10:25 and was like, are you going to pray now, and of course we were, and it was just really awesome. They're already preparing for baptism, I just hope that they are ready to do it soon. I can't remember what I told you about them before, but basically they're from English Course, they started coming to church about my second week here before they had even been taught any lessons, and lately they've just been making great progression. I love seeing the gospel work in people's lives. : )

Last week all our members were gone to the Switzerland temple. It's about a 20 hour bus ride. Pretty crazy. They go and do something like four sessions each day there plus they do baptisms and stuff too. Sorella Thompson (of the senior couple from Australia) had helped all of them prepare names of their ancestors to bring and the Thompsons got to go with them to the temple. Yes, I was a little jealous because I would love to go to the temple.

Time's just flying by here in Italy. I've been eating healthy, keeping the apartment clean, and just having a bomb mission. Hope everything is well with you at home.

Anziano Banks!

Stamping Pass-along cards

Here I am stamping some pass-along cards!